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Articles for all wedding professions

No matter what your profession is in the wedding industry, here you will find a selection of articles to help your business grow. This category contains a broad range of content from digital marketing to client experiences and industry trends to general recommendations.

How to improve your SEO using structured data

Learn what structured data is and how you can use it to improve the visibility of your wedding business in search engines. We also provide templates.

How to create telephone links on your website and track them using Google Analytics

Learn how to ensure your website phone numbers automatically call when tapped on a mobile device and how to track the source of callers.

How to deal with hostile couples

Read our clients stories about how they dealt with hostile couples and the measures you can take to strengthen your ability to protect your wedding business.

How to target engaged couples on Facebook

Facebook estimates there are 1.7 million people currently engaged in the UK. We explain how you can to target them using Facebook advertising.

How to feature your wedding business on TV

We detail how one of our clients featured not once, but twice on wedding-related TV shows and the key points learnt from their experience.

How to improve the online security of your wedding business for free

42% of small businesses in the UK reported a data breach or cyber attack. Learn how to bolster your online defenses with some free solutions.

How digital PR improves SEO using backlinks

We cover the different types of links, domain authority scores and we provide an example of how digital PR improved our visibility on Google.

An introduction to trademarking and copyright permissions

Learn what to consider before registering a trademark, how to craft a unique business name and what the copyright rules are.

Talking about SEO with the National Association of Wedding Professionals

Find out what SEO is, why it�s important and read our tips on improving your website performance.

How PR crisis containment can protect your wedding business

Media coverage for the right reasons can do wonders for your business. However, what about when things go wrong and media outlets pick up on it? We discuss what you can do to protect your wedding business.
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