Wedding insurance now launched!

Wedding Insurance launched to provide protection for your clients

When the pandemic hit, the vast majority of insurers who offered wedding insurance heavily restricted their policies or completely withdrew their product offering from the market. It was a difficult and frustrating time for wedding couples who were left with having to rearrange their weddings with the added financial risk of losing deposits from their suppliers who could no longer facilitate their contracts. Whilst many insurers aren’t interested in fulfilling this market again, we have a solution for your clients. Read on to find out more.

‘Do you offer wedding insurance?’ I hear you say?

We regularly get asked by our clients ‘do you offer wedding insurance for couples?’ or ‘do you know who we can suggest to our clients for wedding insurance?’. It’s understandable why brides ask you questions about wedding insurance; you’re experts within the wedding industry and you offer advice regarding their big day, so why wouldn’t you know about protecting your clients' wedding should the unexpected happen? Well, now we have the answers for you and the information that could help you answer your couples’ questions.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance exists to give financial protection to the marrying couple should things go wrong before or on the wedding day and can be purchased up to 2 years before the intended wedding date. The policy will protect the couple from any deposits paid from the financial failure of wedding service suppliers (subject to policy terms and conditions). This also covers professional wedding planners, but not wedding gift suppliers.

The reasons for cancellation or rearrangement can be found within the policy wording. However, an example of an insured event could include the death or illness of the couple or a close relative that would make the continuance of the wedding day inappropriate.

Most insurance policies cover weddings and civil ceremonies.

Why should your clients take out wedding insurance?

Any marrying couple will spend hours upon hours planning and making decisions for their big day, it’s the start of their journey together to happily ever after, so why wouldn’t anyone want to make sure they are protected if the unexpected happened? Not to mention that weddings are a costly expense with the average wedding now climbing to £17,300 in 2021 according to’s National Wedding Survey. If the worst was to happen, the couple could lose all deposits and costs associated with their wedding without recourse for refunds.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance can provide cover for cancellation and rearrangement, adverse weather conditions, ceremonial attire, rings, flowers, gifts, the wedding cake, cars & transport, photography, the financial failure of wedding service suppliers, personal accident, professional counselling, legal expenses and public liability for the marrying couple.

There are also optional extras available such as marquee and mobile W.C. units and event equipment extensions.

Can wedding couples get cover for Covid-19?

Yes! There is optional cover now to include cover for the cancellation or rearrangement due to either of the marrying couple getting Coronavirus within 10 days before the wedding ceremony.

Where can my clients get wedding insurance?

Glad you asked. We’re working with Dreamsaver to provide a wedding insurance solution for your clients. They offer 5 different levels of cover to suit a range of budgets and requirements and you can buy online here.

You can also navigate and find the cover on our website under ‘wedding couple insurance’. It is a commission link, so we do earn a small amount of commission for anyone who buys through our link, but without any extra cost to the buyer compared to going direct. If you have found this article useful and would like to recommend us, please direct your clients to the following link Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance | Protect your Wedding.

Why Dreamsaver Insurance?

We have worked with Dreamsaver for 5 years and they themselves have over 15 years of experience in protecting couples’ special days and have protected over 50,000 weddings. Their Dreamsaver product is a multi-award winning product, being named Best Wedding Insurance Provider at the Insurance awards in 2016 and 2018. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registered number: 305814).

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