Amy & Michael's Woodland & Cherry Blossom Themed Barn Wedding

Amy & Michael's Woodland & Cherry Blossom Themed Barn Wedding

Our friends over at Wedition worked with a lovely couple recently, Amy and Michael. They planned a superb barn wedding with a woodland theme at Brookfield Barn in Horsham, Sussex. Amy and Michael included their love of Ashdown Forest into their wedding day with cherry blossom finishes and springtime colours of dusky pink and pale mint.

The details they used on their day is one of the reasons Wedition started their own company producing personalised wedding magazines. The magazines are a way of bringing together all that has been put into a wedding. So often these amazing details can go unnoticed by guests, it is often the tiniest details that have the biggest impact.

Woodland Theme

Michael’s ‘workplace’ is Ashdown Forest, a place he knows very well and the location of his first date with Amy. Michael proposed to Amy on a beautiful winter walk in the forest. He carved a pen pot from wood found near the proposal location. This was used to hold the pens for the guest book. Mike and his groomsmen wore bespoke carved wooden Marvel bow ties keeping with the woodland theme and their shared love of Marvel.

Wedding groom with wooden Marvel bowtie

Cherry Blossom Theme

“The blossoming season is powerful, glorious but tragically short-lived, a visual reminder that our lives too are fleeting. Cherry blossoms remind us to pay attention.”

The wedding invitations were hand carved using cherry wood and there were cherry blossom sugar flowers on the wedding cake as including cherry blossom centrepieces. Find out more about the meaning of cherry blossom by visiting this blog post by Helen Suk.

Wedding Cake

The cake included a small hidden ladybird linking to Amy’s childhood memories. The couple married on Easter weekend, therefore, an Easter egg adorned the cake. The three-tier flavours were fruit cake, Cherry Bakewell and chocolate fudge.

Cherry blossom wedding car with Easter egg

Sand Ceremony

To bring significance to their ceremony, Amy and Michael poured coloured sand into an hourglass. This symbolises how their hearts and lives are entwined. It would be near impossible to separate the grains of sand back into two colours again, showing how Amy and Mike will not be separated. Therefore, the hour glass represents how the couple will always have time for each other.

Pouring sand into an hourglass wedding ceremony

Personalised Wedding Magazines

Amy and Michael used their personalised wedding magazine to incorporate their menu, order of the day, reading and ceremony music as well as an introduction to their wedding party, an interview with fur babies Phoebe and Teddy, their proposal story, love story, an article explaining all their fabulous details and special touches as well as their honeymoon itinerary and a “Who is more likely to?” Mr and Mrs quiz. Amy and Mike had their pre-wedding photo shoot with their photographer Olly Knight in a field close to Olly’s home, you can see one of these fabulous photos on the front cover of their personalised wedding magazine.

We wish Amy and Michael the very best on their journey together. We’d also like to send a big thank you to Liz at Wedition for sharing with us this wonderful wedding day.

Easter wedding at Brookfield Barn

Amy and Michael’s Suppliers

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