Maximise your brand awareness with third party windows

Maximise your brand awareness with third party windows

Have you thought about displaying your stock such as a dress in an affiliate’s window? It’s a fantastic way to broaden the boundaries of your bridal or retail shop. To help me explain how this works, let me introduce our client Julia Gilbert. She is a client covered by our bridal shop and wedding retailer insurance scheme.

Julia runs Eternally Yours Wedding & Prom Services, a dress supplier and venue stylist who also offers a range of props. The business is located above Baddesley Ensor Social Club. Therefore the business does not have a ground floor shop window.

Julia recently became a supplier of Romantica following the closure of a competitor in the local area. She wanted to push the brand forward and started to consider what options were available within her limited marketing budget.

Eternally Yours Wedding & Prom Services

The business ended up affiliating with two gentlemen outfitters with ground floor windows located in neighbouring villages. She already had a relationship with these businesses by passing leads. Julia was able to display a couple of dresses in each third party window as part of the affiliation.

This is only possible with the right insurance cover. Julia’s stock and mannequins are covered if damaged even though they are unattended and located outside the boundaries of her shop. The gentlemen outfitters are happy because this does not affect their insurance policy.

As a result of this, the business is currently enjoying new levels of success. Romantica has proven popular with Julia’s customers. Her ability to display new dresses in the windows of her affiliates helped her business raise awareness of its stock range.

Insuring third party windows is not a typical cover. If this strategy appeals to you, call your current policy provider or broker to see if they can do it. If not, consider contacting a specialist insurer like us at renewal.

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