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You may have heard of venues that are open to the public becoming a phone-free zone. Certain pubs in London making it a requirement patrons switch off their mobile devices so those who choose to escape technology can do so. Technology addiction and fatigue are just some of many issues highlighted over the years as we move towards an ever-digital future. But have you heard of unplugged weddings?

What is an unplugged wedding?

Essentially it is the same concept where guests are requested not to use their devices during the day of the wedding. We ran a poll on Twitter recently asking our audience the following and here are the results.Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 1




It’s interesting how the majority said yes (although we are talking about a small poll here!) but what were the arguments for and against? During the poll in #WeddingHour, we started discussions. Nearly all people for unplugged talked about guests interfering with the photographer.

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 7 Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 3 Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 2









Also we had the usual eyes glued to screens.

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 6




On the other hand, guests can be the source of amazing photos.

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 9 Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 4






But how realistic is it to ask your guest to abstain from sing their mobile devices for the entire wedding day?

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 10




After all, people love taking photos and most will want a memento of the big day. Why would you refuse them that option? I suppose it all comes down to the tastes of the bride and groom. However here is another suggestion which I think is more of a realistic approach and fair to everyone regardless of whether they love to take photos or not.

In between plugged and unplugged

Request guests to abstain from using their mobile devices until an allotted time after the ceremony. It’s interesting how our conversation and other articles have said the biggest problem is guests clambering over each other to get a shot of the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle.

Request guests to abstain from using their mobile devices until an allotted time after the ceremony - Unplugged Weddings Click To Tweet

Let’s not forget that guests and family are able to purchase pictures from the professional photographer so simply leave those devices alone and enjoy the special moment unfold distraction free.

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 5




After the photographer has snapped the ceremony and the couple, guests can be invited to join in on taking photos.  Therefore it becomes an unplugged ceremony rather than an unplugged wedding. You go even one step further.

Unplugged Weddings Twitter Screenshot 8




Quite simply some things are just best enjoyed in the moment and I am sure that we all remember the old lady who captured this perfectly when she became an internet sensation as featured by numerous national media outlets including Vogue.

Vogue Article - Women In Crowd Without a Cell Phone










What are your experiences with ‘Unplugged Weddings?’ Leave your comments below.

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