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Wedding Car Insurance Key Covers

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Insure your wedding vehicle fleets

A wedding fleet can start from as little as two cars. There is no upper limit on how many cars you can have on the one policy.

If you have one car and are looking to purchase others as your business grows, or you have varied renewal dates, this is not a problem.

We can start cover on vehicle one and add the others as and when they are due for renewal or when you purchase them. We add the cars to your existing policy, short date the cover so you will finish with one renewal date and charge a pro rata additional premium. In other words, you just pay for the days of cover you have left to run until renewal.

Our premiums also include a very generous multi car discount, which you will benefit from when the second car is added to your policy.

What is agreed value?

Agreed value is a pre-agreed settlement figure if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your vehicle becomes a total loss.

Having your policy endorsed with agreed value is generally a straightforward process and can be done at any point during your policy term. Unlike other brokers, we do not charge for issuing the agreed value documents. Any additional costs would be due to an increase in the vehicle’s value.

So how is agreed value done? We require six colour photographs of your vehicle(s) in their current state and a valuation form. In most cases, the form can be self-completed by simply detailing the condition of various vehicle components. For example:

  • Bodywork – first class
  • Interior – first class
  • Engine bay and transmission – good

The form has a guide for you to follow on how to evaluate your vehicle. If you cannot fill out the valuation form, we recommend employing a valuation professional.

The photographs can be emailed to us and should show the front, back, each side, engine bay and interior. We always recommend the registration number is visible.

Once we have the forms and photographs, we check the value is in line with market trends. There is a wealth of information available online such as auction results and classic car guides. We use this to agree on the value.

People who have just finished restoring their car commonly ask if the restoration costs can be taken into consideration when placing a value. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Restoring a vehicle is not cheap and a professional restoration can be costly. After all, you are employing the talents and skills of master craftsmen. To put this into context, you can spend £30,000 restoring your car, but that doesn’t mean to say that these costs reflect in the market value.

Limited and unlimited mileage options

We have a range of mileage options to suit your driving requirements. This depends on how often you use your wedding car(s). Our options are:

  • 1,500
  • 3,000
  • 4,500
  • 6,000
  • Unlimited

Mileages can be on an individual vehicle or combined basis if you have more than one car.

If you do find that you are doing more mileage than you estimated when purchasing your insurance policy, don’t worry. Just give a member of our team a call and your limit can be extended midterm for an additional premium. It’s

Motor legal expenses

Our policies include up to £100,000 for legal assistance should you or your drivers be involved in an accident that was not yours or your driver’s fault.

Having an accident can result in unforeseen expenses. Even though the accident was not your fault, you are still liable for paying your policy excess. Then there is your loss of earnings and any injury you or your drivers have sustained.

Providing the accident is not yours or your driver’s fault and reasonable evidence can be given, your policy will cover solicitor fees as they will deal with recovering your excess, loss of earnings and personal injury on your behalf.

Unlimited windscreen cover

Our windscreen cover provides an unlimited amount to repairs and window replacements including sunroofs. The excess for replacement glass is £100 and repairs are free.

Inability to drive due to ill health or following an injury

If you or named drivers are unable to drive as a result of injury following an accident, our policies will contribute up to £2,000 for alternative transportation costs. This covers a maximum period of 12 months subject to the accident resulting in an insured claim under this policy.

Extended personal accident cover

This cover is for the driver at fault and not to be confused with the compensation you would receive if you were the innocent party of a motor accident.

Our extended personal accident benefit grants the unusually high limit of £30,000, for death, loss of limb and loss of sight in one or both eyes.

Personal effects cover

Our policy automatically includes up to £1,000 for your personal effects that are damaged due to an accident, fire, theft or attempted theft. For example, loss or damage to sunglasses, coats or other luggage and possessions stored securely in the car or boot. A policy excess does not apply to this additional cover.

Personalised registration cover

If you have a personalised registration number and are unfortunate enough to have your car stolen, you will have to wait a minimum of twelve months before you can use that registration again.

We provide up to £5,000 of cover for personalised registration plates. This allows you to arrange a suitable replacement without delay or incurring additional costs.

Breakdown and accident recovery

Breakdown recovery is a standard benefit included in our policies. The cover is nationwide providing you are one mile away from your home or business address depending on where your cars are stored.

The average response time is 45 minutes and 85% of vehicles are repaired by the roadside.

Unlike most breakdown providers, there are no restrictions on height, length and weight so there is no need to buy an alternative cover if your vehicle is a little larger or longer.

Should you be unfortunate to have to use the service, you are covered for:

  • Emergency roadside repairs – Covers the call-out charge and up to one hour’s labour costs for one of our approved agents to attend the scene of the breakdown, and where possible, carry out emergency repairs.
  • Vehicle recovery – If the vehicle cannot be repaired within the hour, you are covered for the transportation costs for you and your passengers to a single destination, whether this is a suitable repairer or home.
  • Getting you to your destination – If the vehicle cannot be repaired your breakdown provider will either cover the costs of transporting you and your vehicle to a single destination, pay for a hotel for you up to £50 a night or arrange a category A courtesy car so you can continue your journey.
  • Emergency message service – If you would like this, your breakdown company will forward a message to family, friend or a work colleague to let them know what has happened.

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