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Multi Purpose Vehicle
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This unique business involves a modified VW Camper that essentially serves as a mobile coffee shop. The van features a professional coffee machine, cake display, seating and a bar. From an insurance point of view, this could potentially be a grey area for many providers because of additional risks such as serving hot coffee and homemade food. Typically, you could approach two separate brokers who would then contact separate providers, one for motor and one for public liability meaning your costs may increase. However, we can provide a unique time saving one-stop solution offering our client comprehensive policies covering all risks at a price that very few insurers are able to offer with the level of cover provided.

What you must consider is the value of a split screen VW Camper. The van itself is already valuable but with the split screen, this value increases due to the rarity. Only specialist insurers can write a policy that accommodates the bespoke nature of this risk and vehicle. Nick the proprietor, restores these types of campers and as you can imagine, he pours his blood, sweat and tears into each project let alone money. He knows that we are practically the only insurer that can accommodate his unique passion for VW’s and it is this relationship that we pride ourselves on as it allows bespoke creativity to thrive in the classic car community.