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Insuring Custom Builds
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This business has a beautiful collection of typical vintage vehicles in addition to executive, modern luxury and limousines. What is interesting is several of the vehicles are custom built for the wedding industry. As we all know, the older the vehicle, the risk of break down increases, as does the cost of repairs. Therefore, some fleet operators build a vehicle with modern mechanical parts to minimize this risk and keep costs down. A lot of insurers will not cover these custom vehicles for varying reasons (For example, these cars are usually built by hand). Changing the original specification may also be classed as a modification meaning insurers will either charge a ridiculous policy price or implement very high excess due to it not being standard production vehicle. Due to over 30 years of experience in the wedding cars insurance businesses, our unique expertise allows us to specialize in these custom builds because we don’t view them as such a bigger risk like other insurers.

Hand built by the client usually involves a high-quality level of manufacturer driven by passion and bespoke skills. Because the client knows what they are doing, we take that on board. Some can take years to build; it is a labour of love.