Wedding Planner Insurance - Consultants Situated Abroad

Consultants Situated Abroad

This destination wedding planner specialises in weddings performed in Italy, Bali, Marrakech and other exotic locations. Although the business has a UK registered office, our client spends extensive periods overseas where the business also utilises operatives and, her co-director is based in Amsterdam creating logistical complexity.

Due to how the business was structured, our client could not find cover from any provider. As you can imagine, consultants situated in different countries cannot be covered due to differences in regional law. What makes perfect sense for a business does not always translate into a perfect vision for insurers.

When our client came to us, admittedly this was our greatest challenge to date. We even attempted to arrange cover with a leading insurer in Amsterdam with no luck. After further intensive investigations, our underwriter Andy came across the solution. We extended their professional indemnity to treat their consultants abroad as employees. Essentially, we broadened the definition of their policy to include all actions carried out by consultants in the UK and abroad.