Wedding & Event Venue Insurance - Financial History

Financial History

Our client is situated in a Grade II listed building in the heart of a 100-acre park. The house is solely hired for weddings that are carried out by our client who is a full service provider from catering, planning and entertainment.

As with all entrepreneurs, the client had a history of success and failure. This meant their options for insurance were limited and a specialist was required. It amazes us how other insurers will still use a tick box mentality even when a client has had an extended period of success after a period of failure. Unlike other insurers, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the majority of wedding professionals in the UK. Limiting options based on historical yet irrelevant financial blemishes is not an approach we ever will adopt.

Our client was given a full comprehensive policy within 24 hours and has enjoyed running a successful business at the listed house for the last few years.