Bridal Dress Shop Insurance - Simultaneous Cover

Simultaneous Cover

This bridal retailer specialises in vintage and alternate tastes. Whilst our client was moving her shop, she required insurance both for her original and new location. This gradual move was required to ensure stock was redirected in a non-disruptive manner. Believe it or not, our client found it near impossible to find an insurer who could simultaneously cover her stock at both locations whilst the move was carried out.

From an insurance perspective, many providers would see this situation containing higher risk due to the uncertainty of stock location. Most policies tend to end at the boundaries of an agreed permanent location, which may include trade fairs or conventions extensions.

We provided temporary flexible cover to enable our client to relocate knowing her business was fully protected. We floated her policy meaning she did not have to take out a second policy once the move was complete as this was already part of her initial policy. We can float her insurance policy at any time meaning she can relocate without having to take out a second policy. Our client would pay a nominal fee that is proportionate to the stock value. This is extremely handy for any retailer looking to relocate for personal reasons or to move where there is more customer demand.