What is building insurance for wedding and event businesses?

Building insurance explained for wedding and event businesses

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What is building insurance?

Building insurance will insure you against damage to the insured building, including outbuildings or annexes, landlord’s fixtures and fittings, walls, gates, fences and car parks.

What does a building insurance claim look like?

Buildings insurance will cover you against losses caused by damage to the insured building. Examples of this could be; fire at the property resulting in significant fire and smoke damage, or flood and water damage and any costs you incur to protect the building from imminent insured damage. The policy also covers damage caused by the escape of water and much more. You can read our policy wordings to see what is covered.

Which wedding and event businesses require building insurance?

Any business that owns buildings or is legally responsible for buildings should consider buildings insurance such as a bridal shop, florist shop, or a wedding car provider with garages.

Does building insurance cover professionals who work from home?

Our policies insure commercial buildings used to operate your business and also garden offices, sheds and annexes if this is where you work from or keep stock.

Please note that if your home insurer is not aware that you work from home and you need to make a claim in the future, it may have consequences, so it’s always worth checking. If you have clients visit your home or garden office, this may alter your home insurance cover as additional people coming to your house could be more of an insurance risk.

Is it a legal requirement?

Buildings insurance is not a legal requirement but it is advisable. Consider how you could afford to rebuild your commercial premises or garden office if it is damaged or destroyed.


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How much cover do you need?

You need to insure your building on the total rebuild cost plus expenses such as debris removal, architects and surveyors fees etc. If you are unsure, speak to one of our experienced account handlers who can advise you on what values we require, call 0121 550 2380.

How much does building insurance cost?

Buildings insurance is rated on the total value of the rebuild costs plus expenses such as debris removal. A surveyor or valuer would be able to tell you what the rebuild costs are. You cannot insure the building for the sale price.

Do building insurance policies cover contents and stock?

You can specify any landlord’s fixtures and fittings under your buildings policy; however, contents and stock would be covered under a contents insurance policy.

How do I get quote?

Call 0121 550 2380 for a quick quote suited to your needs, or you can request a callback. We're open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.