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What insurance do you require?

Wedding vehicle insurance

White wedding car driving away

✔ Individual vehicles and fleets

✔ Drivers

✔ Private hire and reward businesses

✔ Mobile photo booths

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Bridal shop & wedding retailer insurance

Dress fitting in a bridal shop

✔ Individual and multiple stores

✔ Franchises

✔ Boutique designers

✔ In-house and independent seamstresses

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Florist insurance

Florists preparing flowers

✔ Freelance florists

✔ Flower shops

✔ Artisan growers

✔ Delivery vans

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Wedding & event planner insurance

Wedding and event planner using laptop

✔ Wedding planners

✔ Overseas destination planners

✔ Event organisers

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Niche wedding & event business insurance

Wedding table with niche props

We cover a wide range of niches, for example:

✔ Venue styling

✔ Love letter suppliers

✔ Candy carts and ice cream trikes

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Photo booth insurance

Photographer taking photo at wedding

✔ Conventional photo booths

✔ Mobile photo booths

✔ Magic selfie mirrors

✔ Props and accessories

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Cake maker insurance

Lady icing a tiered wedding cake

✔ Home workers

✔ Shared kitchen or studios

✔ Shops

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Wedding & event venue insurance

Converted barn wedding venue

✔ Modern and purpose-built

✔ Historic and heritage properties

✔ Listed buildings

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Photographer & videographer insurance

Photographer taking photo at wedding

✔ Professionals

✔ Freelancers

✔ Home and commercial studios

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Event & mobile catering insurance

Caterer serving at a wedding

✔ Chefs and service staff

✔ Mobile kitchens

✔ Converted catering vehicles

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Wedding Couple Insurance

Caterer serving at a wedding

✔ Cancellation cover

✔ Public Liability

✔ Financial failure of wedding service suppliers

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Honeymoon & Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

✔ Single Trip

✔ Annual Multi-Trip

✔ Long Stay

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